Services Available


Turn-Key Timber Sales

For a lot of people, the ultimate goal in having a timber investment is to make money.  I can help finalize this goal by marketing with a large number of local loggers to get your timber sold quickly and for the best value.  There are two main methods which I'll use to sell your timber.  


Lump sum sealed bid

The use of the lump sum sealed bid is one of the best ways to get the highest value for your timber and get your money up front, before a single tree is cut.  This eliminates the need of getting weekly or bi weekly checks from the logger.  When using this sale type it causes the logger to initially give the most they can for the timber since there will be no negotiation session between you and them.  They will also be bidding against other loggers who know what the fair market value of your timber will be.  


Per unit sale

A per unit timber sale is usually used for tracts with varying cover types, thinning operations, or management of bug or weather damaged stands.  A per unit sale functions by negotiating a unit price for each commodity to be harvested from your timber stand.  It is commonly broken down into 3 products when selling timber.  They are as follows: logs, pulpwood, and chips.  Using previous experience, market conditions, and timing I would be able to get you a much better price from the logger when using this sale method than if you negotiated alone.   

Why use Modern Forest Management?

By keeping an eye on the market, I will  ensure your timber goes out to sell at the best possible time.  I will provide you with a timber cruise and resultant estimated valuation prior to the sale.  Additionally, I'll do all the marketing, boundary marking, and contract execution for the sale and harvest.  Once harvest has started, I'll be on the logging site to ensure the logger keeps the area clean, minimizes land disturbance, and properly implements the operation as originally agreed upon.  After the timber has been harvested, I'll coordinate site preparation and tree planting from qualified crews to be sure the stand that is reestablished has the best chance for survival and highest return on your investment.  In addition to the other post harvest benefits, I'll also work with the state to get you any cost-share available for site preparation and replanting.  


Stand thinning or per unit sales

In addition to timber bid sales, Modern Forest Management also offers coordination of stand thinning.  I can determine if your timber is ready to be thinned and locate an experienced logger with a good reputation of thinning operations.  I will coordinate with this logger so the proper tree stocking is achieved by the thinning.  The key to a good thinning operation is proper timing, planning, oversight, and management of the trees to be removed.  

Mid-Rotation Stand Management

The best way to ensure a high return on investment for a timber stand is to properly manage it throughout its life.  To do this, some mid-rotation management practices are often needed.  Some of these potential practices include release from competition, pre-commercial thinning, and pest control.  I can help determine the need for these management practices, coordinate with providers, and oversee their execution.  



Management Plans

A good way to plan for the future of your stand and property is to have a management plan.  A good management plan requires the full evaluation of your timber and land and takes into account your objectives as the landowner, the local market, and potential future influences.  Not only does the management plan benefit you for planning purposes but it also allows you to apply for a Riparian Buffer Tax Credit once your timber has been harvested.  


Riparian Buffer Tax Credit

If your property falls within the state of Virginia and you are planning to harvest your timber, you may be able to qualify for a Riparian Buffer Tax Credit.  This program is designed to benefit the landowners that choose to leave properly sized stream buffers on their property during a timber harvest to protect the health of their streams.  This credit can be applied to your taxes the same year as you harvest your timber.  One key aspect of this tax credit is that it requires you to have a management plan for your harvested timber prior to applying.  I can take care of the work necessary to apply for this credit , complete the management plan, and have everything ready for your signature.   


Aerial Imagery for Timber Inspections or Real Estate Purposes

Now FAA certificated to commercially fly Unmanned Aerial Systems to better assist you with land management!

Now FAA certificated to commercially fly Unmanned Aerial Systems to better assist you with land management!

I am proud to announce that Modern Forest Management, LLC now offers a completely new service that’s on the cutting edge of field data collection technology.  I am now licensed to commercially fly Unmanned Aerial Systems by the Federal Aviation Administration.  Through years of interest in both model aircraft and general aviation I have gained experience in flying remotely operated aircraft.  This means that I can skillfully and efficiently fly a “drone” to collect imagery data that allows me to improve the management recommendations for your property. 


What does this additional service mean for you, the landowner? 

               My ability to collect aerial imagery allows me to thoroughly and efficiently check your timber for any potential problem areas.  This could be on a 3-year-old loblolly plantation that may have areas of competition unseen from the ground or a 35-year-old mature stand that may have growing dead patches.  Once any problem areas are found they can be quickly located and further investigated to determine if or what remedial action may be necessary. 

With this new ability, many other services have become available.  The potential is endless but some of these new services are as follows:

  • Aerial Timber inspections           

  •   Quick location of dead or dying zones

  • Competition check for younger loblolly plantations (3-6 years old)

  • Check on Canopy closure after thinning

  •        Imagery of land outside of current standing timber for future planning of management activities

  • Cropland overview for dead or discolored areas

  • Aerial photography of homeplaces or farms for personal use

  • Aerial photography of real estate to enhance home/ land sales through your real estate agent

  • MANY other potential uses that could greatly benefit you as a landowner!


With this new service comes new responsibility.  The National Airspace is to be respected and that’s exactly what I do.  I will conduct a flight if it’s safe; if it’s risky to persons or property or I feel it may be, I will do my best to find an alternative method to achieve your goals.